Community Arts & School Workshops

“A really excellent example of how an arts project should and can react and respond to the needs of its participants. Not only was the activity relevant, simple and effective, the facilitation was excellent. Ali created a relaxed but safe space for children to create and be…this was fantastic’’
Arts Council Wales Quality Appraisal Report

“Well Done!!
The Mural looks Fantastic and far better than anything I had ever imagined! We’ve had great feedback and I have shared with my S Wales counterparts who have now set out to accomplish similar ideas!!’’

Lee Tiratira, North Wales Regional Coordinator

I’ve been running and devising workshops & projects  for almost 30 years, both in the UK & Internationally. Some of the organisations I’ve worked with include Edinburgh International, & Science, Festivals, Arts Council of Wales, British Council Best of British in Indonesia, Bio Recycling Mexico, Cenit Ecuador,  & Arts Connection Wales.

I spent 6 years in Mexico & Ecuador designing for, and running, recycled design women’s projects to provide sustainable incomes, using waste fabrics, Mexican Lorry tyres, and waste paper from the Ministry of the Environment in Ecuador

I work a lot with recycled materials in children’s workshops, bringing in aspects of mechanical movement, safe risks through proper use of tools like solder irons and power tools, and problem solving, all wrapped up in creativity  & invention.

I also run adult workshops and projects for non profits and private groups which range from  recycled murals with non-profits, to fun and accessible crafternoons and hen parties

Have a look over at my schools & Workshop pages  and if you’d like to talk about an idea  or theme you have for a project or workshop please email me here