Originals of all feedback can always be produced if wished. I’m very proud of my track record working with schools and organisations and will always strive to provide a creative, innovative, professional and fun project.

What do professionals say?

“A warm and dynamic artist Ali, who clearly had an excellent rapport with the children and young people’’
Arts Council of Wales Quality Appraisal Report

“Thank you for a brilliant day. I really enjoyed it and so did the children”
Bwlchgwyn Community Primary School

“Thanks for this morning, loved the session … Ali always brings innovation and creativity into our projects’’
Arts connection

“We were particularly impressed by the work she had previously done with Women’s community groups, and her ability to engage with the students and get them excited about both issues and creative making. Her work had strong ethical and moral stance, which sat in line with the school’s values.”
Ysgol Mair

“Wow! A class full of children totally absorbed, enthusiastic and on task working in teams”
Guilsfield Primary School

What do parents say?

“We loved the session,Thanks!”
Rachel Pigott

“I’m so glad Andrew had this experience and enjoyed the tasks and projects. He loved making crabs using skills using skills we were not aware of until now”
Mr Thompson

“Fantastic idea, thank you very much, I wish there were more projects like this one”
Maya Tebewich

What do kids say?

“It was fun, funny and cool. I want to do it again because I loved it so much it was fun. I learned how to use a power tool now and I know how to be careful with it. I had fun with it!”
Emily Age 8

“totally LOVED using the drills!”
Bawso Youth Workshop

“It was so cool doing it. I really enjoyed it! When I’m a bit sad I do the project and it makes me happy. it’s super cool and interesting!”
Heledd age 10