School Workshops

Interested in your children learning creative thinking skills, problem solving & invention?
Learning about the wider world and empathy skills?
Like to use recycled materials?
How about confidence and skills building through the use of real tools?
Team work & designing for others?

Have a look at current workshops or suggest your own. I’m very used to planning and creating new workshops and projects, so if you have a special theme you’d like to work with get in touch

“Wow! A class full of children totally absorbed, enthusiastic and on task working in teams to design and make a ‘kindness’ game. So proud of each and every child for their ability to learn new skills and adapt them to make a game that incorporated everyone’s ideas”
Guilsfield Primary School

“Ali brings expertise, enthusiasm and focus to any project. Her skills are not often seen in primary education. Particularly her focus on getting children to experiment with movement and engineering within creative making, and the use of real tools and materials, including power tools, not usually used by this age group. She was also particularly good at encouraging girls that they were just as capable as the boys at invention and using tools”
Toria Collins Creative Agent, Arts Council of Wales
“It was super fun and I learned how to use some tools and it was amazing working with friends on the project. I felt like I was in High school because people in High School do those (sic) stuff”
Robert Age 10